bait casting meaning

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Noun: bait casting  beyt 'kãsting
  1. The single-handed rod casting of a relatively heavy (artificial) bait

Derived forms: bait castings

Type of: cast, casting


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  1. Until I had made the bait casting outfit work, I was unable to use it diligently.
  2. Recent developments have seen bait casting reels with gear ratios as high as 7 . 1 / 1.
  3. The reels used for the tackle are usually high-capacity, open-face bait casting reels.
  4. An accuracy casting competition for adults, using either bait casting or spin casting outfits, gets under way the show's first day, Thursday.
  5. Today, smallmouth bass are very popular game fish, frequently sought by anglers using conventional spinning and bait casting gear, as well as fly fishing tackle.

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