backlash meaning

Pronunciation:   "backlash" in a sentence
Noun: backlash  'bak`lash
  1. A movement back from an impact
    - recoil, repercussion, rebound 
  2. An adverse reaction to some political or social occurrence
    "there was a backlash of intolerance"
Verb: backlash  'bak`lash
  1. Come back to the originator of an action with an undesired effect
    - backfire, recoil

Derived forms: backlashing, backlashed, backlashes

Type of: come about, fall out, go on, hap, happen, motion, movement, occur, pass, pass off, reaction, take place

Encyclopedia: Backlash

[American slang]
n. the negative response to something.
• Was there any backlash aimed at your suggestion?
• We weren't prepared for the backlash we got.

noun [sing.]

a strong negative reaction by a large number of people, for example to a recent change:

The government is facing an angry backlash from voters over the new tax.

❖ to cause/face/provoke a backlash (against sth)

1. Slack or lag in action of moving parts. Example: delay between initial application of a force (such as that required to turn a knob) and movement of a part or device (e.g., a potentiometer or variable capacitor).
2. On a mechanical analog tuning dial, an arc within which slack or lag is discernible.


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  1. the voters had a backlash against rising gas taxes
  2. the jews feared an anti-semitic backlash
  3. 05 planetary gearbox backlash for gear is included
  4. but it is also a backlash

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