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  1. Scientific management claims to be axiologically neutral.
  2. Frighteningly, we who live here are not only practically affected, but also axiologically and ideationally infected.
  3. One of the two terms governs the other ( axiologically, logically, etc . ), or has the upper hand " : signified over signifier; intelligible over sensible; speech over writing; activity over passivity, etc . The first task of deconstruction would be to find and overturn these oppositions inside a text or a corpus of texts.
  4. Kolnai was strongly influenced by Max Scheler s value ethics, and he thought that if all things were viewed axiologically, assessed first for value, as opposed to the language of  ought or  must,  then one was provided with  a realm of approbative or disapprobative insights . . . without stressing the unbridgeable gulf between Is and Ought .  Thus,

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