axinite meaning

Pronunciation:   "axinite" in a sentence
  • /akˈsi-nīt/
      A brilliant brown mineral with axe-shaped crystals, containing calcium, aluminium, boron, silicon, etc
      ORIGIN: Gr axīnē an axe


  1. Typical minerals formed at this time include garnet, pyroxene, epidote, chlorine-rich amphiboles, malayaite, vesuvianite, siderite and axinite.
  2. When perfused with boric and fluoric vapors from the granite they may contain much axinite, fluorite and datolite, but the altiminous silicates are absent from these rocks.
  3. "' Axinite "'is a brown to violet-brown, or reddish-brown bladed group of minerals composed of calcium aluminium pyroelectric and piezoelectric.
  4. Rare or unusual gemstones, generally meant to include those gemstones which occur so infrequently in gem quality that they are scarcely known except to connoisseurs, include andalusite, axinite, cassiterite, clinohumite and red beryl.
  5. In addition, G . G . Rusanov found malachite, axinite, sillimanite and cinnabar in the schlichs of the ripple marks in Kuray Basin, which are characteristic of the Kuray Ridge but not found in the schlichs of the end moraines of the Tetio River, the latter adjoining the fields of the giant ripples.

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