axillary node meaning

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  • Noun: axillary node
    1. Any of the lymph glands of the armpit; fights infections in the neck and chest and arm regions

    Derived forms: axillary nodes

    Type of: lymph gland, lymph node, node

  • [Medicine]
    n : any of the lymph nodes of the axilla —called also axillary gland
  • axillary:    Adjective: axillar ...
  • node:    Noun: node &n ...
  • s-a node:    [Medicine] n : SIN ...


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  1. there are palpable mobile axillary nodes.
  2. there are palpable mobile axillary nodes
  3. The axillary node in her left armpit is unusually swollen.
  4. Axillary nodes are classified according to their positions relative to the pectoralis minor muscle.
  5. Sue, there is no specific number of lymph nodes in the left armpit ( these would be called left axillary nodes, by the way ).

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