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  • Noun: axile placentation
    1. Ovules are borne at or around the centre of a compound ovary on an axis formed from joined septa

    Type of: placentation

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  1. The flowers are perfect, ovary is superior and bicarpellated, with axile placentation.
  2. Each locule of the superior ovary has 2 ovules with axile placentation that are anatropous to campylotropous.
  3. Gesneriaceae have traditionally been separated from Scrophulariaceae by having a unilocular rather than bilocular ovary, with parietal rather than axile placentation.
  4. "' Gynoecium "'- Carples 5, syncarpous, ovary superior, penta or multilocular with axile placentation, one ovule in each locule; style 1, passing through the staminal tube; stigma globular, correspond to the number of carples.
  5. Embryos may be described by a number of terms including "'Linear "'( embryos have axile placentation and are longer than broad ), or "'rudimentary "'( embryos are basal in which the embryo is tiny in relation to the endosperm ).

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