auditory meaning

Pronunciation:   "auditory" in a sentence
Adjective: auditory  'odi`toree [N. Amer], odit(u)ree [Brit]
  1. Of or relating to the process of hearing
    "auditory processing"
    - audile, auditive

See also: hearing

Encyclopedia: Auditory


In ancient churches, that part of the church where the people usually stood to be instructed in the gospel; now called the nave.

n pl -ries : AUDITORY NERVE
1 : of or relating to hearing
2 : attained, experienced, or produced through or as if through hearing ‹auditory images› ‹auditory hallucinations›
3 : marked by great susceptibility to impressions and reactions produced by acoustic stimuli ‹an auditory individual›


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  1. furuncles of the auditory canal should be allowed to resolve.
  2. the external auditory canal makes a slightly s-shaped curve.
  3. tactile and auditory stimuli provoke convulsions with opisthotonos.
  4. tactile and auditory stimuli provoke convulsions with opisthotonos.
  5. auditory trainers or wireless fm hearing systems

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