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Noun: auditory sense
  1. The ability to hear; the auditory faculty
    - hearing, audition, sense of hearing, auditory modality

Derived forms: auditory senses

Type of: exteroception, modality, sense modality, sensory system


  1. Baseball : Pillow talk America's pastime offers a feast for the auditory sense.
  2. Visitors will be invited to close their eyes so that the auditory sense becomes its own world.
  3. The auditory sense is usually blocked by playing white noise, static, or similar sounds to the recipient.
  4. Drugs affecting the auditory sense, like DiPT, may produce auditory disturbances, though there are few known cases.
  5. The final sound design of the " Kala Pul " film was done by Billy Wirasnik, who has combined his distinct style to layering the sounds of Karachi, which were evident in the prayer call, the cackle of the crows, the noise of the traffic, klaxon horns and the overbearing auditory sense of being in an overpopulated megalopolis.

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