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Acquired or developmental cognitive disorders of AUDITORY PERCEPTION characterized by a reduced ability to perceive information contained in auditory stimuli despite intact auditory pathways. Affected individuals have difficulty with speech perception,sound localization,and comprehending the meaning of inflections of speech.


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  1. The two differ because auditory processing disorder uncontrollable and unintentional, while pseudolistening is typically done purposely.
  2. However, an ASHA committee subsequently rejected modality-specificity as a defining characteristic of auditory processing disorders.
  3. Other diagnoses include developmental coordination disorder, auditory processing disorder, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and disorder of written expression.
  4. Research has shown spatial hearing loss to be a leading cause of central auditory processing disorder ( CAPD ) in children.
  5. Auditory processing disorder is when a person " is perfectly aware of sounds " yet their brain abnormally deciphers the sounds.

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