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    Loss of the ability to comprehend the meaning or recognize the importance of various forms of stimulation that cannot be attributed to impairment of a primary sensory modality. Tactile agnosia is characterized by an inability to perceive the shape and nature of an object by touch alone,despite unimpaired sensation to light touch,position,and other primary sensory modalities.


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  1. Music agnosia, an auditory agnosia, is a syndrome of selective impairment in music recognition.
  2. Patients with auditory agnosia can be unaware of their deficit, and insist that they are not deaf.
  3. An agnosia that affects hearing, " semantic-associative " form is investigated within the auditory agnosias.
  4. "Classical ( or pure ) auditory agnosia " is an inability to process environmental sounds, such as animal noises, industrial noises, or the like.
  5. Verbal deafness and auditory agnosia are disorders of a selective, perceptive and associative nature whereas cortical deafness relies on the anatomic and functional disconnection of the auditory cortex from acoustic impulses.

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