attach to meaning

  "attach to" in a sentence
Verb: attach to
  1. Be present or associated with an event or entity
    - accompany, come with, go with 
  2. Be part of
    - inhere in

Derived forms: attaches to, attached to, attaching to

See also: attach

Type of: include


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  1. no blame attaches to him.
  2. therefore, the nature and character of that development and the meaning we attach to it need to be carefully spelled out.
  3. these are not the conditions which attach to the life of a professional man who drops down into such a place by mere accident.
  4. in influenza and some paramyxo-viruses the surface hemagglutinin, which is a glycoprotein attaches to the b.b.c containing complementary receptor.
  5. attaches to a process or prints available processes

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