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Adjective: at rest
  1. In a state of repose or especially sleep 
  2. Dead
    - asleep, at peace, deceased, departed, gone

See also: asleep, dead

[American slang]
1. not moving; not active.
  After the hectic day, the office was finally at rest at 8:00 p.m.
  When the car is at rest, you can get into the backseat.
2. Euph. dead.
  After a long, weary life, Emily is at rest.
  There he is, at rest in his coffin.


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  1. my conscience is not entirely at rest.
  2. he lies at rest in the martyrs' cemetery.
  3. i intend to set the matter at rest once and for all.
  4. there, upon her little bed, she lay at rest.
  5. suppose the mass of the body is 2kg and that it is initially at rest.

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