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  • [American slang]
    adj. or adv. phr. 1. Ready or nearby for use, help, or service; on request. Thousands of auto insurance agents all over the country are at the insured person's call, wherever he may travel. 2. At the word of command; at an order or signal. The dog was trained to come at call.

  • [Business]

    (Finance )

    used to describe money that has been lent but must be paid back immediately if the person who lent the money asks for it back:

    The sum will be lent at call.

  • [Economics]
    Denoting secured money that has been lent on a short-term basis and must be repaid immediately on demand. Discount houses in the City of London are the main borrowers of money at call.
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  1. the doctors in our hospital are at call day and night
  2. money put into the credit cards is at call
  3. money put into the credit cards is at call
  4. the most traditional form of bank financing is bank deposits, both at call and fixed deposits
  5. In self-evaluation, I look back at calls myself.

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