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  1. III . Dilleniidae und Asteridae . 186 pp, Akad.
  2. It was used in the Cronquist system as an order within the subclass Asteridae in the class Magnoliopsida flowering plants.
  3. Most of the taxa belonging to this clade had been referred to the Asteridae in the Cronquist system ( 1981 ) and to the Sympetalae in earlier systems.
  4. One of the better-known and more influential systems that formally recognized subclass Asteridae was the Cronquist system devised by botanist Arthur Cronquist, which included the orders:
  5. To a large extent Cronquist's subclass Asteridae corresponds with the older concepts of Sympetalae and Tubiflorae, groups that were defined by having their petals united into a tube.

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