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  1. The larvae feed on the flowers of " Aster tripolium ".
  2. The saltmarsh vegetation, which lies at the base of the cliff, is predominantly made up of Sea Aster ( " Aster tripolium " ) and English Scurvygrass ( " Cochlearia anglica " ).
  3. Adjacent to these saline flashes are areas of saltmarsh vegetation containing species such as sea aster " Aster tripolium ", lesser sea-spurrey " Spergularia marina " and reflexed saltmarsh-grass " Puccinellia distans ".
  4. Extensive SQDG accumulation was observed in apple shoot bark and wood ( Okanenko, 1977 ) and in pine thylakoid during the autumn hardening, while heat and drought action upon wheat, at NaCl action in the halophyte " Aster tripolium ".
  5. The " Phragmites communis " community extends more and more as a dominant species of Suncheon Bay, developing and forming a ring shape in several areas of the reeds . " Suaeda asparagoides " grows well on the dry ground of the lower part of the bank, and groups of " Aster tripolium " and " Plantago maritima " grow well near watercourses or puddles.

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