assembly meaning

[ ə'sembli ] Pronunciation:   "assembly" in a sentence
Noun: assembly  u'semb(u)lee
  1. A group of machine parts that fit together to form a self-contained unit 
  2. The act of constructing something (as a piece of machinery)
    - fabrication 
  3. A public facility to meet for open discussion
    - forum, meeting place 
  4. A group of persons who are gathered together for a common purpose 
  5. A unit consisting of components that have been fitted together 
  6. The social act of assembling
    "they demanded the right of assembly"
    - assemblage, gathering

Derived forms: assemblies

Type of: assemblage, building, construction, facility, gathering, group action, installation, machine, unit, whole

Antonym: disassembly

Encyclopedia: Assembly

noun (plural assemblies)


1 [U]

the process of fitting together the parts of a product:

The new model is being launched at the UK assembly plant.

We plan to begin car assembly at the plant in 2006.

easy-to-follow assembly instructions

The assembly process is highly specialized and labour intensive.

The company plans to sell the design and assembly rights to its new range of tractors.

2 [C]

a large group of people who come together for a particular purpose:

an assembly of over 200 people

the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

(*) In logistics, an item forming a portion of an equipment, that can be provisioned and replaced as an entity and which normally incorporates replaceable parts or groups of parts.
See also component; subassembly.

1. A finished unit that can be either a practical working model or a dummy, a prototype, or a final model; an integrated aggregation of subunits.
2. A low-level computer source-code language that uses crude mnemonics that are easier to remember than the machine-language equivalents.

[Mechanical engineering]
"A unit containing the component parts of a mechanism, machine, or similar device."


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  1. fit the tail assembly to the fuselage.
  2. the assembly will rise next tuesday.
  3. each state had a governor and a state assembly.
  4. it was very quiet in the assembly hall.
  5. the assembly assented gravely.

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