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  • Noun: assembly line
    1. Mechanical system in a factory whereby an article is conveyed through sites at which successive operations are performed on it
      - production line, line

    Derived forms: assembly lines

    Type of: mechanical system

    Part of: factory, manufactory, manufacturing plant, mill

    Encyclopedia: Assembly line

  • [Business]
    noun [C]

    a line of workers and machines in a factory that fit the parts of a product together in a fixed order:

    working on an assembly line

    An engine rolls off the assembly line every 72 seconds.

    assembly line automation has reduced error rates in manufacturing

    assembly line methods/problems/robots/workers

  • [Economics]
    A device moving a good being produced, for example a car, past a sequence of workers or machines. As it passes each work-station, a particular task is performed. Tasks may include adding components, working on components already in place, or checking the work of earlier stages. Assembly-line production allows economies of scale, by keeping down the time needed to move workers or machines from one task to another. Under this system no task can be done until the one before is finished, so that breakdowns of machines, non-arrival of inputs, or the absence of any worker may hold up the entire process. Responsibility for the quality of the end-product is very widely spread, which may make it difficult to locate the cause of defects or to motivate workers to prevent them.

  • [Industrial engineering]
    A mass-production arrangement whereby the work in process is progressively transferred from one operation to the next until the product is assembled.


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  1. he works on the assembly line at the local car factory.
  2. henry ford often gets credit for the assembly line.
  3. each also spends time performing routine tasks on an assembly line.
  4. the worker on the assembly line is resentful of the managers.
  5. inevitably some of the assembly line workers want to come up and hug you.

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