assembling meaning

Pronunciation:   "assembling" in a sentence
Noun: assembling  u'semb(u)ling
  1. The act of gathering something together
    - collection, collecting, aggregation
Verb: assemble  u'sembul
  1. Create by putting components or members together
    - piece, put together, set up, tack, tack together 
  2. Collect in one place
    "We assembled in the church basement"
    - meet, gather, forgather, foregather 
  3. Get people together
    "assemble your colleagues"
    - gather, get together

Derived forms: assemblings

See also: assemblage

Type of: bring together, create, grouping, interact, join, make

Antonym: disassemble

Encyclopedia: Assemble


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  1. he assembled the model aircraft bit by bit.
  2. the workers were assembled in the hall.
  3. at last he began to assemble his safety razor.
  4. the pupils assembled in the school hall.
  5. the workers were assembled in the hall.

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