assemble meaning

[ ə'sembəl ] Pronunciation:   "assemble" in a sentence
Verb: assemble  u'sembul
  1. Create by putting components or members together
    - piece, put together, set up, tack, tack together 
  2. Collect in one place
    "We assembled in the church basement"
    - meet, gather, forgather, foregather 
  3. Get people together
    "assemble your colleagues"
    - gather, get together

Derived forms: assembled, assembles, assembling

See also: assemblage

Type of: bring together, create, interact, join, make

Antonym: disassemble

Encyclopedia: Assemble


1 [+ obj or no obj]

to bring people or things together as a group; to come together as a group:

The chairman has begun to assemble a new management team.

Before making a bid for a company, we assembled detailed information on the business.

The delegates are assembling in the conference room.

Our brokers have assembled a group of 10 international banks to underwrite the bonds.

We have assembled a team of engineers to integrate the new technology.

2 [+ obj]

to fit together all the separate parts of a product:

We assemble and ship each computer within five days of order.

The car is assembled in the UK.

The prefabricated sections of the house are assembled on site.

3 (Finance ) [+ obj]

if a financial institution assembles a loan, it gets a group of banks, etc. to provide money:

The Fund has assembled a $10 billion emergency loan package .

The heavily indebted group is trying to assemble an international rescue package.

1. To gather subprograms into a complete digital computer program.
2. To translate a

Symbols for ASCII teleprinter code

Last three signals
signals 000 001 010 011 100
101 110 111

0000 NUL DLE SPC 0 P /
0001 SO11 DC1 ! 1 A Q a
0010 STX DC2 " 2 B R b
0011 ETX DC3 # 3 C S c
0100 EOT DC4 $ 4 D T d
0101 ENQ NAK % 5 E U e
0110 ACK SYN & 6 F V f
0111 BEL ETB ' 7 G W g
1000 BS CAN ( 8 11 X h
1001 11T EM ) 9 I Y i
1010 LF SUB * : J Z j
1011 VT ESC + ; K [ k

1100 FF FS , < L / l
1101 CR GS – = M ] m

1110 SO RS . > N n

1111 SI US | ? O - o DEL
ACK: acknowledge
FF: form feed
BEL: bell
FS: file separator
BS: back space
GS: group separator
CAN: cancel
11T: horizontal tab

CR: carriage return LF: line feed

  1. device control no. 1 NAK: do not acknowledge
  2. device control no. 2 NUL: null
  3. device control no. 3 RS: record separator
  4. device control no. 4 SI: shift in
DEL: delete SO: shift out
DLE: data link escape
SO11: start of heading
ENQ: enquiry
SPC: space

EM: end of medium STX: start of text
EOT: end of transmission
SUB: substitute
ESC: escape
SYN: synchronous idle
ETB: end of transmission
US: unit separator
VT: vertical tab
ETX: end of text

symbolic program language into a machine (binary) language program by substituting operation codes and addresses.


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  1. he assembled the model aircraft bit by bit.
  2. the workers were assembled in the hall.
  3. at last he began to assemble his safety razor.
  4. the pupils assembled in the school hall.
  5. the workers were assembled in the hall.

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