assemblance meaning

  "assemblance" in a sentence
or assemˈblaunce noun (Spenser)
  An assembling


  1. What could have brought this assemblance together two weeks ago?
  2. Released in DVD under the name of, it follows the assemblance of the Kage, the five ninja leading their respective villages, as a result of the actions from the criminal organization Akatsuki as well as the rogue ninja Sasuke Uchiha who has been siding with them.
  3. After a short period of inactivity, Dickinson once again teamed up with Roy Z and Tribe of Gypsies to record his next album, " Accident of Birth "; " It was actually Roy that dragged me back into some assemblance, because he called up and he said,'Listen, I've got some stuff and it's like a metal record .'And I wasn't thrilled, I wasn't really sure that I had anything to offer . . . Then he played me some backing-tracks he'd done for what was to become " Accident of Birth " down the phone and I thought'There is something there .'" Former Iron Maiden guitarist, Adrian Smith, was asked to guest on the record, but remained as a full-time member of Dickinson's solo outfit.

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