assegai meaning

Pronunciation:   "assegai" in a sentence
Noun: assegai  'asu`gI
  1. The slender spear of the Bantu-speaking people of Africa
    - assagai

Derived forms: assegais

Type of: lance, shaft, spear

Encyclopedia: Assegai


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  1. Here a Boer woman Johanna van der Merwe sustained 21 assegai wounds but survived.
  2. One in desperation, it seemed, had fallen on his own assegai ."
  3. The major shot two and received an assegai in the arm during this gallant attempt.
  4. He used the man's assegai short sword to stab him in the stomach.
  5. He was in a helpless condition with both arms broken and a severe assegai wound.

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