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  • Noun: ascending aorta  u'sendingey'ortu
    1. The ascending part of the aorta as it emerges from the left ventricle

    Type of: aorta

    Encyclopedia: Ascending aorta

  • [Medicine]
    The main trunk of the systemic arteries.n : the part of the aorta from its origin to the beginning of the arch


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  1. endovascular stent-graft deployed in ascending aorta for the treatment of total aortic dissection
  2. the ascending aorta was involved in 34 of these patients and the descending aorta in 31
  3. The truncus arteriosus splits into the ascending aorta and pulmonary artery.
  4. These individuals are prone to dissection in the ascending aorta.
  5. This can cause dilatation and weakening of the walls of the ascending aorta.

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