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  1. The gun was created in the beginning of 1940 at 8th Kalinin Artillery Plant under the guidance of its Chief Designer Mikhail Loginov.
  2. He graduated from the Bauman Moscow Higher Technical School before World War II . After graduating he worked at Gorky Artillery Plant where in 1943 he was appointed Chief Designer.
  3. On invitation of William III, Peter and part of the mission also went to Royal Observatory, the Royal Mint, the Royal Society, the University of Oxford, and several shipyards and artillery plants.
  4. The turret piece of the machinery was developed in the Yekaterinburg artillery plant number 9 . In mid-2001, it was stated that the Volgograd tractor plant had been working on the 2S25 for about seven years.
  5. The D-30 was designed by the well established design bureau at Artillery Plant No 9 in Sverdlovsk ( now Ekaterinburg ), at the time led by the eminent artillery designer F�dor F�dorovich Petrov ( 1902 1978 ).

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