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Rigid,semi-rigid,or inflatable cylindric hydraulic devices,with either combined or separate reservoir and pumping systems,implanted for the surgical treatment of organic impotence.


  1. Female-to-male surgery involves a double mastectomy ( removal of the breasts ), a hysterectomy ( removal of the uterus ) and phalloplasty ( the construction of an artificial penis ).
  2. Doctors at University Hospital in Medellin, a northwest Colombian city, will try to transplant a penis onto the 14-year old, identified in court only as Bernardo, or build an artificial penis, reported El Tiempo, a Bogota daily.
  3. Among the indignities women officers had to endure, according to Meara's testimony : a sanitary napkin was taped to one female officer's locker; an artificial penis was put in another's desk drawer; sexually-demeaning cartoons, with women officers'names scrawled on the characters, were posted in common areas; one male officer told a woman officer he wanted to dress her in a Girl Scout uniform and rape her.
  4. In a final confrontation, the trial records say, M�hlhahn's mother " charged the defendant with being a woman and not a man ", " ripped open her pants, examined her, and . . . found not the slightest sign of anything masculine . " M�hlhahn's mother provided the authorities with the artificial penis along with a " leather-covered horn " that Linck wore next to her body, which constituted part of her male disguise and allowed her to urinate standing up.

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