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  • Noun: Arthur Holly Compton
    1. United States physicist noted for research on x-rays and gamma rays and nuclear energy; his observation that X-rays behave like miniature bowling balls in their interactions with electrons provided evidence for the quantal nature of light (1892-1962)
      - Compton, Arthur Compton

    Type of: nuclear physicist

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  1. the nobel prize in physics 1927 : arthur holly compton
  2. Subsequent thinkers using this model include Henri Poincar�, Arthur Holly Compton, and Karl Popper.
  3. Eads Hall was the site of Professor Arthur Holly Compton's Nobel Prize winning experiments in electromagnetic radiation.
  4. Arthur Holly Compton, organizer of the Met Lab and a major player in the Manhattan Project, condoned the scientists'dissent.
  5. In 1923, at the Washington University in St . Louis, Arthur Holly Compton demonstrated an effect now known as Compton scattering.

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