arthrospore meaning

Pronunciation:   "arthrospore" in a sentence
  • Noun: arthrospore  'aa(r)thru`spor
    1. A body that resembles a spore but is not an endospore; produced by some bacteria 
    2. One of a string of thick walled vegetative resting cells formed by some algae and fungi

    Derived forms: arthrospores

    See also: arthrosporic

    Type of: cell

  • [Medicine]


  1. In " Streptomyces viriochromogenes ", low concentrations ( 200 pM ) inhibit germination of its own arthrospores, and higher concentrations inhibit porcine Na + / K +-activated ATPase.
  2. Asexual reproduction is by arthrospores ( in " Helicocephalum " ), chlamydospores, uni-or multi-spored sporganiola; sporangiospores of multi-spored formed in simple or branched chains ( merosporangia ), usually from a vesicle or stalk.

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