arterial blood vessel meaning

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  • Noun: arterial blood vessel
    1. A blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the body
      - artery, arteria

    Derived forms: arterial blood vessels

    Type of: blood vessel


  1. Dr . Grossman and his team immediately returned to the operating room and found that the source of the bleeding was an arterial blood vessel, which was brought under control in just thirty minutes.
  2. The hemodynamic basis of Mayer waves are oscillations of the sympathetic vasomotor tone of arterial blood vessels, because Mayer waves are abolished or at least strongly attenuated by pharmacological blockade of alpha-adrenoreceptors.
  3. Youssif, however, was rushed back to the operating room for the third time in twenty-four hours due to further bleeding, this time from an arterial blood vessel on the other side of his face.
  4. Although Chiron may lag in the race, Scharschmidt believes FGF has certain advantages because it seems to grow arterial blood vessels, which are larger in diameter than the thinner capillaries stimulated by VEGF . This suggests FGF might prompt more blood flow, thus greater relief, to the heart.

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