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Noun: Artamidae
  1. Wood swallows
    - family Artamidae

Type of: bird family

Part of: Oscines, Passeres, suborder Oscines, suborder Passeres

Encyclopedia: Artamidae


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  1. Instead, they belong to the family Artamidae, which also includes butcherbirds, currawongs and the Australian magpie.
  2. Together with three species of currawong and two species of peltops, butcherbirds and the Australian magpie form the subfamily Cracticinae in the family Artamidae.
  3. Although Jon Ahlquist recognised the close relationship between woodswallows and butcherbirds in 1985, and combined them into a Cracticini clade, which became the family Artamidae.
  4. Now known to be related to the Vangidae of Madagascar, the Artamidae are a collection of crow-like birds as well as the smaller woodswallows.
  5. One of three currawong species in the genus " Strepera ", it is closely related to the butcherbirds and Australian magpie of the family Artamidae.

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