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    <theory> A theory developed by Trenchard More Jr. and used as the basis for the NIAL language.

    Papers are available from the IBM Cambridge Scientific Center, Cambridge MA.
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  1. on choosing financial way of harbin, daqing, qiqihaer industrial hallway based on lately excellent array theory
  2. Nial combines a functional programming notation for arrays based on Array Theory developed by Trenchard More with structured programming concepts for numeric, character and symbolic data.
  3. In short, the geometry of real-world audio line arrays as used in public address systems can only be modeled approximately by line array theory, and only in the 100 400 Hz range.
  4. Above about 400 Hz the driver cones themselves become directional, again violating the theory s assumptions, and at high frequencies, many practical systems use directional waveguides whose behavior cannot be described using classical line array theory.
  5. At frequencies below 100 Hz ( wavelength of 11 . 3 ft ) the line array which is less than approximately 3 meter long will start to become omnidirectional, so the system will not conform to line array theory across all frequencies.

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