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    <processor> (Or "vector processor") A computer, or extension to its arithmetic unit, that is capable of performing simultaneous computations on elements of an array or table of data in some number of dimensions.

    The IBM AltiVec (the "Velocity Engine" used in the Apple G4 computers) is a vector processor.

    Common uses for array processors include analysis of fluid dynamics and rotation of 3d objects, as well as data retrieval, in which elements of a database are scanned simultaneously. Array processors are very rare now (1998).


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  1. 4 chen y y, upadhyaya s j, cheng c h . a comprehensive reconfiguration scheme for fault-tolerant vlsi wsi array processors
  2. It is used in array processors and is implemented in fault tolerant machines.
  3. Pipelining began in earnest in the late 1970s in supercomputers such as vector processors and array processors.
  4. Attached array processors were usually used in facilities where larger supercomputers were either not needed or not affordable.
  5. Datacube designed an interface to a Sky array processor to obtain a GE military contract for a submarine sonar system.

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