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  • [Electronics]
    (Edwin H. Armstrong, 1890–1954). An oscillator circuit that uses inductive feedback between the output and input. Either the output coil or the input coil can be tuned to set the oscillator frequency. The amount of positive feedback is controlled by varying the coupling between the coils.


  1. There are several designs for such harmonic oscillators, including the Armstrong oscillator, Hartley oscillator, Colpitts oscillator, and the Wien bridge oscillator.
  2. The "'Armstrong oscillator "'( also known as the "'Meissner oscillator "') is an LC electronic oscillator circuit which uses an inductor and capacitor to generate an oscillation.
  3. The Alexanderson alternator followed Fessenden's rotary spark-gap transmitter as the second radio transmitter to be oscillators in 1913 such as the Armstrong oscillator, the Alexanderson alternator was an important high-power radio transmitter, and allowed amplitude modulation radio transmission of the human voice.

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