argue meaning

[ 'ɑ:gju: ] Pronunciation:   "argue" in a sentence
  • Verb: argue  aa(r)gyoo
    1. Present reasons and arguments
      - reason 
    2. Have an argument about something
      - contend, debate, fence 
    3. Give evidence of
      "The evidence argues for your claim"
      - indicate

    Derived forms: argued, arguing, argues

    See also: arguable, arguer, argument, argumentation, argumentative

    Type of: converse, discourse, lay out, present, represent

    Encyclopedia: Argue

  • [American slang]
    to dispute or quarrel over someone or something with someone.
      Are you going to argue with her over something so simple?
      I wish you wouldn't argue over money with me.
      We always argue about who should drive.
      Don't argue with me!


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  1. she argued her side of the case well.
  2. we should argue the matter pro and con.
  3. what the hell do you argue with this kid for?
  4. they don't argue and they don't repeat.
  5. skelton was too tired to argue further.

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