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Noun: area code
  1. A number usually of 3 digits assigned to a telephone area as in the United States and Canada

Derived forms: area codes

Type of: code

Encyclopedia: Area code

noun [C] (especially AmE)

the numbers for a particular area or city, that you use when you are making a telephone call from outside the local area:

For long distance calls dial '1' followed by the area code and number.


In the United States, a three-digit number that indicates the location, according to specified assigned districts, of a telephone sub-

scriber. When making a long-distance call, the area code of the desired station must be given in addition to the seven-digit telephone number.


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  1. please tell me the area code and the phone number
  2. so i called 411 every area code in the state
  3. the phone company gave her two area codes
  4. united states phone number, area code optional
  5. write down all the numbers with a german area code, ok

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