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The commander’s prescribed collection of specific information that commences upon employment and is a continuous operation.
It confirms, corrects, refutes, or adds to previous intelligence acquired from area studies and other sources prior to employment.
(JP 3-05)


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  1. Personnel began the area assessments of their new AO along HWY 601 from Durai Junction to Lashkar Gah.
  2. The Oak View area assessment district voted a self-imposed tax to fund and sustain the project.
  3. NEAS has been institutionalized in Pakistan at national level with the cooperation of provincial and area Assessment Centers.
  4. In July 2009, it launched the Comprehensive Area Assessment, which assessed the effectiveness of local public services.
  5. A Mission Assurance Assessment is unique because it uses an area assessment approach to focus on both commercial and military asset vulnerabilities and dependencies.

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