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  • [Medicine]
    n : the curved transverse part of the aorta that connects the ascending aorta with the descending aorta —called also aortic arch


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  1. The blood supply to the carotid artery starts at the arch of the aorta ( bottom ).
  2. The left RLN is longer than the right, because it crosses under the arch of the aorta at the ligamentum arteriosum.
  3. The closing track, " Arch of the Aorta ", was a largely instrumental piece with looped background voices depicting conversation between medical staff and a patient.
  4. Its arteries, which project between the nerves of the fourth and sixth arches, become the left-side arch of the aorta and the right subclavian artery.
  5. The valsalva maneuver should be the first vagal maneuver tried and works by increasing intra-thoracic pressure and affecting baroreceptors ( pressure sensors ) within the arch of the aorta.

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