appetite depressants meaning

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Agents that are used to decrease appetite.


  1. The following are listed as appetite depressants by MeSH, an index of medical journal articles and books.
  2. Wyeth-Ayerst made fenfluramine, an appetite depressant, that was one half the combination, which was pulled from the market in 1997.
  3. Levavi gave the patients what they wanted, prescriptions for the diet drugs known as fen-phen, with the fen referring to fenfluramine or dexfenfluramine, an appetite depressant, and the phen referring to phentermine, a type of amphetamine.
  4. The company's pharmaceutical division, Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, made Pondimin _ its brand name for fenfluramine, an appetite depressant that is the " fen " in the case _ and distributed a similar drug, Redux.

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