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  A Programming Language, a language widely used in scientific and mathematical work

antipersonnel land

1. Abbreviation of average picture level.
2. Abbreviation of automatic phase lock.

<language> (APL) A language designed originally by Ken Iverson at Harvard University in 1957-1960 as a notation for the concise expression of mathematical algorithms. It went unnamed (or just called Iverson's Language) and unimplemented for many years. Finally a subset, APL\360, was implemented in 1964.

APL is an interactive array-oriented language and programming environment with many innovative features. It was originally written using a non-standard character set.

It is dynamically typed with dynamic scope. APL introduced several functional forms but is not purely functional.

Dyadic Systems APL/W is one of the languages that will be available under Microsoft's .NET initative.

ISO 8485 is the 1989 standard defining the language.

Versions: APL\360, APL SV, Dyalog APL, VS APL, Sharp APL, Sharp APL/PC, APL*PLUS, APL*PLUS/PC, APL*PLUS/PC II, MCM APL, Honeyapple, DEC APL, Cognos

See also Kamin's interpreters.

APLWEB translates WEB to APL.

Dijkstra said that APL was a language designed to perfection - in the wrong direction.


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