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  • [Medicine]
    Fish-eating carnivores of the family Mustelidae,found on both hemispheres.


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  1. The "'Cameroon clawless otter "'( " Aonyx capensis congicus " ) is a subspecies of the African clawless otter in the family Mustelidae.
  2. The African clawless otter " ( Aonyx capensis ) " also inhabits the mountain streams . Species richness is high among aquatic invertebrates, including 81 species of dragonflies.
  3. The dentition is more robust than in the common otter " Lutra " and the diet probably consisted of more crustaceans and less fish, like in modern " Aonyx ".
  4. "' Lutraphobia "'is a specific phobia, the abnormal fear of members of the subfamily lutrinae, otherwise known as otters, including the 13 species found in the genera Amblonyx, Aonyx, Enhydra, Lontra, Lutra, Lutrogale, and especially Pteronura.
  5. Out of more than a dozen otter species worldwide, Thailand is home to at least three : the common or Eurasian otter ( lutra lutra ), the most widely distributed of all the otters, found from Ireland to Indonesia; the smooth-coated otter ( lutra perspicallata ), the largest of the Thai otters; and the small-clawed otter ( aonyx cinerea ), the smallest otter in the world and probably the most common in Thailand.

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