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Adjective: antiknock  `antee'nók
  1. Suppressing or eliminating engine knock in combustion engines
    "antiknock properties"; "antiknock rating"
    - antiknocking
Noun: antiknock  `antee'nók
  1. Any of various compounds that are added to petrol to reduce engine knocking

Derived forms: antiknocks

See also: leaded

Type of: chemical compound, compound


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  1. study on carboxylic lanthanum as gasoline antiknocks
  2. for solving the paradox, the antiknock and egr can be used
  3. The antiknock index is an average of two separate octane tests.
  4. Octane ratings represent the antiknock properties of a gasoline or fuel mixture.
  5. Improvements to gasoline itself decrease the need for antiknock additives.

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