antacid meaning

Pronunciation:   "antacid" in a sentence
Adjective: antacid  ant'asid
  1. Acting to neutralize acid (especially in the stomach)
Noun: antacid  ant'asid
  1. An agent that counteracts or neutralizes acidity (especially in the stomach)
    - gastric antacid, alkalizer, alkaliser [Brit], antiacid

Derived forms: antacids

See also: antagonistic, incompatible

Type of: agent

Encyclopedia: Antacid

also an·ti·ac·id adj : tending to counteract acidity
also antiacid n : an agent (as an alkali or absorbent) that counteracts or neutralizes acidity


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  1. too much reliance is placed on antacids.
  2. anybody got any antacid or bicarbonate of soda
  3. i need an / some antacid to cure my indigestion
  4. you're leaving with your antacids and floss
  5. over-the-counter antacids may relieve the gnawing pain, but the relief is always temporary

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