anno meaning

  "anno" in a sentence
  In the year
anno Christi /krisˈtī or -tē/
  In the year of Christ
anno Domini /anˈō domˈin-ī or -in-ē/
  In the year of our Lord (also noun (informal) advancing old age)
anno mundi /munˈdī or mŭnˈdē/
  In the year of the world (used in reckoning dates from the supposed time of creation)
anno regni /regˈnī or -nē/
  In the year of the reign
anno salutis /sal-ūˈtis or -ooˈ/
  In the year of redemption
anno urbis conditae /ûrˈbis konˈdit-ē or ŭrˈbis konˈdit-ī/
  In the year of the founding of the city (ie Rome, 753BC)


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  1. this precious history then . yes, i was born at so and so, anno domini-
  2. the anno domini system of reckoning years was originally based on setting year 1 as the first full year of jesus'life
  3. please note, due to popular demand there will be an additional screening of the film kebab connection by director anno saul
  4. He married manga artist Moyoko Anno on April 27, 2002.
  5. By 1998, Di'Anno had resurrected the name Battlezone.

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