anker meaning

Pronunciation:   "anker" in a sentence
  • /angˈkər/
      An old measure for wines and spirits used in N Europe, varying considerably (that of Rotterdam 81/2 imperial gallons)
      ORIGIN: Du

  • [Mechanics]
    "A unit of capacity equal to 10 U.S. gallons (37.854 liters), used to measure liquids, especially honey, oil, vinegar, spirits, and wine."


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  1. and her take me to rests and her anker of rum
  2. restaurant anker bern
  3. the restaurant anker is located in the heart of bern, just a few metres from the zytglogge
  4. anker joergensen, prime minister of denmark, commented : " the terracotta warriors are so vivid and look differently from each other.
  5. Barak Goodman, producer; Daniel Anker, co-producer.

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