animal leg meaning

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Noun: animal leg
  1. The leg of an animal

Derived forms: animal legs

Type of: leg

Part of: biped, quadruped

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  1. the original bionic boots were basically strap-on animal legs for people
  2. In the early 19th century blacksmiths made animal leg hold traps for mountain men.
  3. Rust-covered guns have been peeled apart to get at smaller pieces _ triggers used as hand brakes for a bicycle, rifle barrels for animal legs.
  4. A demon from Hell who impales himself with needles sharpened to a deadly point, sets an animal leg-hold trap off with his own bare hand, and dines on crickets and worms.
  5. And those old shrunken legs that are also like animal legs, or like spiders, and he somehow manages to take all these signs of death, of combat, and make something childlike, simple and direct, and yet moving and even mythical.

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