anhedral meaning

Pronunciation:   "anhedral" in a sentence
  • /an-hēˈdrəl or -hedˈrel/
    1. Allotriomorphic (chem)
    2. Having a downward (negative) dihedral angle (aeronautics)
      ORIGIN: Gr an- (privative), and adj combining form -hedral, ult from Gr hedrā seat


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  1. It also occurs in anhedral masses and tarnishes on exposure to air.
  2. The tailplane is straight edged with rounded tips and carries marked anhedral.
  3. The anhedral, almost at the top of it.
  4. To offset this effect, the wings were canted downward, giving 10� anhedral.
  5. The wingspan is longer, the tail is redesigned with more span and anhedral.

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