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[ 'æŋgl ] Pronunciation:   "angle" in a sentence
Noun: angle  anggul
  1. The space between two lines or planes that intersect; the inclination of one line to another; measured in degrees or radians 
  2. A biased way of looking at or presenting something
    - slant
Verb: angle  anggul
  1. Move or proceed at an angle
    "he angled his way into the room" 
  2. To incline or bend from a vertical position
    - lean, tilt, tip, slant 
  3. Seek indirectly
    - fish 
  4. Fish with a hook 
  5. Present with a bias
    - slant, weight
Noun: Angle  angul
  1. A member of a Germanic people who conquered England and merged with the Saxons and Jutes to become Anglo-Saxons

Derived forms: angled, Angles, angling, angles

See also: angler, angular, angulate

Type of: bend, bias, European, fish, flex, go, locomote, look for, move, point of view, predetermine, search, seek, space, stand, standpoint, travel, viewpoint

Encyclopedia: Angle Angle, Pembrokeshire

[American slang]
n. a selfish motive; an ulterior motive.
• Okay, Ted, I know you better than to think that you are doing this out of the kindness of your heart. What's your angle?
• I don't have any angle. I have reformed.


The figure made by two lines that meet.


The difference in direction of such intersecting lines, or the space within them.


A projecting or sharp corner.


A secluded area resembling a corner; a nook.


An L-shaped metal member; an angle iron.


See bevel angle.


A fitting on a gutter for rainwater which changes the gutter's direction.

1 : a corner whether constituting a projecting part or a partially enclosed space
a : the figure formed by two lines extending from the same point
b : a measure of an angle or of the amount of turning necessary to bring one line or plane into coincidence with or parallel to another — an·gled adj


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  1. the bisectors of its base angles are equal.
  2. their rifles were pitched at every odd angle.
  3. there were angles to being an enlisted man.
  4. the angle is contained by the lines ab and ac.
  5. he loves angling on a fine summer day.

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