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A strip of material which is fixed across a frame to make it rigid, as a wood strip which is nailed temporarily across the corners of a window frame or doorframe to maintain squareness during shipment or in handling before permanent installation; also called an angle tie.


An angle iron.


A special brace which is used for drilling where there is insufficient room for an ordinary brace handle to turn.

A brace across the interior angle of two members that meet at an angle. Also known as angle tie.


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  1. Another type of right-angle brace is made of pressed steel.
  2. The overhang and angle brace are elaborately jig-sawn.
  3. There could be angled braces cross connecting them to prevent buckling and twisting.
  4. To put up a shelf with angle braces, first find the wall studs.
  5. The mounting technique for the standards is similar to that of the angle braces.

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