anaphoric relation meaning

  "anaphoric relation" in a sentence
  • Noun: anaphoric relation
    1. The relation between an anaphor and its antecedent

    Derived forms: anaphoric relations

    Type of: grammatical relation


  1. the anaphoric relation is one of the two kinds of endophoric relations
  2. For the sentence in 16a, in order to indicate the anaphoric relation between the subject of the matrix sentence ( the antecedent of the logophor ) and the logophoric pronoun, we would need to specify that x = v 2.
  3. The pro-clitic "'va "'and the post-clitic "'di "'both mark anaphoric relations . "'va "'is placed immediately before the noun, and codes for discourse-internal anaphora ( that is, reference to a term that has already been introduced in the earlier context ) . "'di "'immediately follows the noun, and seems to refer to the immediate context preceding it ( comparable with the English anaphoric use of'this').

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