analog meaning

[ 'ænəlɔ:g ] Pronunciation:   "analog" in a sentence
Adjective: analog  'anu`lóg
  1. Of a circuit or device having an output that is proportional to the input
    - analogue [Brit], linear
Noun: analog  'anu`lóg
Usage: US (=analogue)
  1. Something having the property of being analogous to something else
    - analogue, parallel

Derived forms: analogs

Type of: similarity

Encyclopedia: Analog

1. A quantity that corresponds, point for point or value for value, to an otherwise unrelated quantity. Thus, voltage is the analog of water pressure, and current is the analog of water flow.
2. Varying over a continuous range and, therefore, capable of attaining an infinite number of values or levels. Compare DIGITAL.

<spelling> American spelling of analogue.


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  1. no oxon analog was detected.
  2. we have found that there is also a rotational analog for the momentum.
  3. let us compare our unknown analog input signal to a "guess".
  4. the voltage may provides an analog representation of the temperature difference.
  5. an alternate approach is to set up an analog model of the engine system.

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