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  • [Electronics]
    Any form of communications in which a carrier, generally an electromagnetic wave or high-frequency current, is varied in a continuous and controlled way by a data-containing signal. See ANALOG,
    analog computer A computer in which input and output quantities are represented as points on continuous (or small-increment) scales. To represent these quantities, the computer uses voltages or resistances that are proportional to the numbers to be worked on. When the quantities are nonelectrical (such as pressure or velocity), they are made analogous by proportional voltages or resistances.


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  1. prc, modular fixed surge arresters, used for analog communication network
  2. In general, the lower-band services are ideal for the current analog communications technologies.
  3. "' Analog communication systems : "'spectral analysis of these operations, superheterodyne noise conditions.
  4. "Back in the 1960s there were many good ideas in analog communications technologies, " he said.
  5. Also making life difficult for the eavesdroppers is widespread, inexpensive encryption and the change from easily processed analog communications to complex digital signals.

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