anaerobic meaning

Pronunciation:   "anaerobic" in a sentence
Adjective: anaerobic  `aneh'rowbik
  1. Living or active in the absence of free oxygen
    "anaerobic bacteria"
    - anaerobiotic 
  2. Not aerobic
    "isometric exercises are anaerobic"

Antonym: aerobic

Encyclopedia: Anaerobic

a : living, active, or occurring in the absence of free oxygen ‹during heavy exercise anaerobic respiration occurs, pyruvic acid acts as a hydrogen acceptor, and lactic acid builds up in the tissues›
b : of, relating to, or being activity in which the body incurs an oxygen debt ‹anaerobic exercise›
2 : relating to or induced by anaerobes — an·aer·o·bi·cal·ly adv

[Oil and gas]
Refers to microbial life or processes that occur in the absence of oxygen.


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  1. the anaerobic breakdown of glucose is called glycolysis.
  2. the optimal conditions for the anaerobic digestion are the following.
  3. this is 19 times the energy obtainable under anaerobic circumstances.
  4. infection, especially anaerobic infection, is much more apt to occur.
  5. the slime layer consists of one aerobic and one anaerobic sublayer.

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